Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

I have totally overindulged in food and booze over the hols, but it was a well earned break. Today was the first day back at the gym since last Wednesday, and I felt it. Only managed 30 mins on the bike and then hopped on the treadmill for 10 mins. Leg didn't feel too bad so am getting back (very slowly) to running this week while gym access is limited and will monitor the progress.

Had a follow up appointment with the consultant to go over the details of the MRI/X-rays/DEXA scans. There is no stress fracture which is a relief. The problem is the actual diagnosis. Apparently the radiologist called the consultant with some concern because the femur bone has a very high red bone marrow content. In short, 'long bones' like the femur should have yellow bone marrow with the hip, breast bone and smaller bones have red. The reason why this is a problem isn't entirely clear to me yet, other than the stem cells that differentiate into red and yellow marrow aren't working properly. Apparently it can indicate osteoporosis, which has already been ruled out by the DEXA scan, so I have to see a haematologist to try to get to the bottom of it.
On a sidenote, my alignment is way off. The plain of axis that should pass straight through the knee doesn't even hit the knee, but passes about 2-3 inches inside. But that issue is 'on hold' till we get the haematologist done first. But the good news is because the structure of the bone is sound, I can run as long as the leg is pain free, hence the 10 mins on the treadmill. Tomorrow we try for 15.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still alive, still crocked

I gotta admit, only for Jokin's pretty sick run this weekend and Keith's surgery vids, my bloglist has been conspicuous in its boringness/lack of entries. But its hard to complain when I'm just as guilty. About 6 weeks since my last post. Shoddy.

Where am I at? Not quite suicidal, but definitely feel like I'm stuck in a 2003 timewarp, except this time I'm not drinking anywhere near the quantity of beer I was putting down then (if they sold PBR in Ireland that might change).

It's 7 weeks and a day since the marathon. Last Monday I ran 1 mile (that's not a typo) in 8:35 (that's not a typo either). By the end of the mile I was in about as much pain as I was post 12/26.2ths into the marathon (that's a legitimate fraction). That had me wallowing in self pity as I don't feel that the quad/hip is improving. I finally got to see a specialist yesterday, who when he got done financially ass-raping me thinks its a stress fracture to the femur and is driving down osteopenia highway with stops at endocrinologists etc etc, again, 2003 much? I have an MRI next Monday which should hopefully shed some light on the issue. Personally I am not in agreement in the stress fracture thing. Never had a stress fracture that was still sore to walk on 7 weeks after the fact, plus this is the 5th/6th time in the last 3-4 years in the same spot. My guess at this stage is something nerve related, but what do I know?

In the past 7 weeks I've done my best to keep up fitness and keep down booze consumption. I've had a consistent 6 weeks of 2 days of interval work rehashing Berg's old workouts in the pool, with 3 days on the bike for anywhere between 60-90mins. 2 weight sessions a week and some core work later and I'm still managing to keep the weight off. I've got a full XC race program starting mid February serving as motivation for training, but as the clock ticks on it looks a little less likely. Here's to Monday providing some answers.