Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week in Review

33.3 miles on 5 days.

Had felt like I had a good week's training till I totted up the numbers and came out with the rather pathetic total above. Not too down since Mon and Tues were lost to a mix of travel/hangovers and jet lag. Finished the week verry nicely and am excited about how things are going. It's like a lightning bolt just hit the tip of my penis. 

Best run in 3 years.

9.3 miles, 59:43

I think I may need to go on the beer the night before the marathon. Drove up to Dublin last night to get a few pints with Enda, and got up early to drive home and get the run done in the AM. Set a goal of running for 60mins, expecting to cover about 12-12.5 loops of the field. After a first lap of 4:52, the pace continued to drop throughout the run, passing through 5 miles in 32:15, with the last full lap covered in 4:18 and 13+ laps completed. Felt absolutely fantastic throughout, and with the weather just as good as yesterday, this was the type of day that tells you why you run.
Had a family BBQ yesterday evening, which involved great food, great beer and lots of sun. Happy days. Love that its a holiday weekend here this weekend too. No work tomorrow. Happy days.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

100 on the board

6 miles, 40:00

Come on, hands up who didn't think I'd be making 100 posts on this thing? Truth is me neither, and since approximately 40-50% of the posts are days off/cross training, its not quite the milestone I hoped. Had a cracking run around the football fields as the weather was absolutely glorious. Temps around 65-70, great sunshine, and a light breeze to take the heat out of the day. Did some strides at the end to top off the run. Started out with a 5:10 first lap and was down at 4:35 by the end. Felt very good too. Happy days.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Come On The Lions

~6 miles, 38:45

Run probably was a touch short but who's counting? Was definitely feeling good and was running nice and relaxed on an absolutely gorgeous day in Dublin. Sun was shining, temp about 65 with a nice cool breeze, perfect. Was my first time in Herbert in a while and Spring has definitely been and past. Last time out there were large stretches in the shade that were (not always so) dry mud and loads of daffodils about the place. Today was just a run on a perfect green carpet. If I had one criticism of the run it would be that I ran too hard. I'm still not down with running to a pace, but rather running at the same effort everyday. So as the fitness gradually improves, instead of making it easier, I'm just running faster. I'm aware that I am a total idiot.

Tomorrow the Lions kick of their tour of South Africa (this is Rugby for the uninformed). Every 4 years the Lions tour either SA, NZ or OZ (wanted to keep up the 2 letter thing). SA definitely represents their best chance of a test series win, as NZ are just sick and Australia are usually just good enough to edge them out. Really looking forward to seeing O'Connell leading the line though. He's just a total manbeast.

On a totally Irish note tonight was Pat Kenny's last night as host of the Late Late show (distinguished as the longest running talk show in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD). Special guests = U2. Top performance of Magnificent, as well as probably Kenny's finest interview where Larry talked about how he hates aspects of Bono's activism etc. Was a very frank and enjoyable interview. God I'm rambling now.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's official, the un-re-unretirement

4.6 miles, 32 mins + strides
1.15 miles, 8 mins

Ran up to the green to get a nice run on soft surface this morning as I only had a 12 hour turnaround from last nights run. Legs felt very good though, so threw some strides in at the end before getting huge in the gym. Despite a 2 week absence from the gym, managed to slot straight back into the old routine without too much effort. Easy jog home and done for the day by 8:45. Happy days.
So given that I've managed to string a few consecutive weeks of completely inconsequential average running I bit the bullet and registered for the Adidas race series in the build up to the Dublin marathon. It kicks off with a 5 miler on July 18th, a 10 on Aug 15th, and a 1/2 'thon on Sept 26th (annoyingly way too close to Chewy's wedding). Given that I've committed to these, no doubt I'll be injured in a week, but it's very nice to have something to keep in mind while out on my more than mediocre runs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to Reality

5.75 miles, 38:38

This was my first proper run since last Thursday as Sunday was a hungover slow paced slog. The legs felt pretty good as they should for so little running, but aches and pains have been popping up all over the shop as a consequence of the best weekend ever. When you have dreams in which the midget cop from Brown is trying to arrest you for drunken disorderly and you wake up not knowing which country you're in you know its been a good weekend. 
This was by no means a hammer, but the last few miles were run at a good clip as I was running late to get home in time for the Champions League final. To be honest, I couldn't see past United, but between them not showing up, but most definitely because Barca were out of this world, Barca can legitimately say they are the best team around. Some of their movement is beyond belief, combined with skill and passing, who cares if they can't defend, the opposition can't get the ball to score. Fanstastic stuff to watch. Back in the gym tomorrow morning to see how much last week took out of me. Who am I kidding, like I'm not huge enough as is.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a week

Coste's summary of the past week is better than anything I could come up with. 

Running wise, festivities intruded on training, but I dont really care too much....Got a good steady run in on my own on the Charles Wednesday, a hungover jaunt with Tarpy and Coste on the north side of the PVD Thursday. Friday was a rest day in preparation for the beer mile, which was a total BS excuse since I dropped out of the beer mile after the 1st lap. I did however repeat the feat with the lead off leg of the class 4x4. Sunday I finally managed to stroll along the Boulevard with a modified Stud loop. Monday/Tuesday is officially a travel day as my body has begun an arduous detox session and is also very jetlagged. Planning to get back out there in the AM.

Review of the training camp in the US:

Sat: 6 miles, 41:22
Sun: 10 miles, 69:50
Mon: 6.25 miles, 43:44
Tue: Day off
Wed: 6.5 miles, 43:11
Thu: 6.5 miles, 46:12
Fri: Day off
Sat: .5 miles, mass consumption of alcohol
Sun: ~5 miles, 36 mins (being generous given that I was running on 3 hours of sleep and a ridiculous volume of alcohol)
Mon: Day off

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trip to the Woods

Mon: 6.25 miles, 42:55

Ran around the Harvard playing fields with Coste. Putting the way over on his wager. To like, Sunday. Legs felt a bit dead on the run, but since I had walked about 5-6 miles around town earlier in the day, I wasn't too surprised.

Tue: Day off.

Had intended on running, but a morning trip to Foxwoods became an extended early afternoon trip which became an all day visit. Was a little disappointed not to get a run in, but am still going to end up with my highest weeks mileage in a while so not too bummed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Altitude training

So word is that real runners often go to altitude to get in some training. SO I flew 3000 miles 'up' to Boston. It's a little difficult to run in the thin air here compared to Dublin, but I'm surviving.
Sat: 6 miles, 41:22.
Sunday, 10 miles, 69:50 

Got 2 great runs in with Coste and Zamir on joined us on the Sunday run. Rest of the time so far has been spent drinkin and grillin. Happy days.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Cross trainer, 1hr

Carrying a box of Kleenex around today just in case the excitement of heading states side tomorrow gets too much for me. 
Good workout, glad to have a non-impact day on the legs as despite feeling strong they are pretty beat. Did some long, easy intervals ~ 4.5 mins of increasing intensity during the exercise, with the HR getting up to 185. Legs were a bit toasted after each one but recovered quickly. Happy days

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just 2 days....

5.45 miles, 37:56

Slightly underestimated the run home from Monkstown last week, but am very happy to see that this was another run done a few ticks under 7 minute pace. I don't want to get all up on myself, but thats kind of a big deal to me. Felt a bit better than I expected but still going to go ahead with the cross training route tomorrow and a travel day off Friday as I have a feeling being around Brown town and the former XC guys I could be in for quite a bit of running next week. That combined with the beer mile means I am in for a rough week. And I cannot wait. Probably won't post over the holiday, but since the only people that read this are the ones I am going to see you guys probably don't give a crap. 2 more days bitches!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heps crap

6.2 miles, 43:20

Ran home from the gym tonight by a slightly different route than the other night, while also trying to explore a little which involved running up cul de sacs at one stage, but an enjoyable run all the same. Legs feel good but very heavy. Would take a day off tomorrow but with running on Friday being unlikely I'll run tomorrow and maybe cross train on Thursday depending on how the legs feel. 
I haven't paid much attention to what happens at Heps since Craig Lake starting dismantling the mens distance program, but all the talk about James Wyner on Letsrun got me to pay attention. I'll admit, there's plenty not to like about the guy; the hair, the fact that he's from Jersey, the fact he goes to Cornell. But I gotta say that DQ is one of the greatest bullshit calls I have ever seen in my life. I was expected to see some bird flipping, high stepping shenanigans down the home straight, some taunting of the opposition and/or crowd whilst running. I don't even find what he did to be obnoxious. Some spanner posted the Ivy League rules on 'sportsmanlike conduct' on the message boards in which someone with a genital appendage on their forehead might construe what he did as unsportsmanlike. However I can recall countless instances of over the top celebrating at the Heps (the most obnoxious one to mind was Chris Lambert winning the 60m indoors at Cornell, I felt embarrassed that I was even from the same side of the Atlantic as him) with zero precedence for this DQ. In short, bullshit call.

Monday, May 11, 2009


40mins, distance = ???

Ran around the green prior to doing my weights routine in the gym. Running around the green is part of a pretty special tradition (or so I'm told) dating back to the days of Noel Carroll and is only allowed between the May and September bank holidays. However, I'm not convinced that tradition is going to inspire me to keep doing it. Despite running on an immaculate surface, the fact that its only a 2 min lap means either getting dizzy or extremely fed up, even on a short run like this. 
Did 6 strides (or my best attempt) on 6 of the last few laps to try to stretch out this gimp that I call my stride, then got huge. 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great run

7.6 miles, 52:35

Great early morning run. Just had the 2 pints last night as I'm tapering for the big week of drinking in the US of A next week. So woke up feeling fine and dandy and ventured out into beautiful sunshine. The fields were in great nick, and the legs felt great. Started out nice and easy with a 7:15, and averaged around 6:50s for most of the time around the fields. Love running on grass, nothing better.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catch up post

Had to present the results of my first year of research Friday so was mad busy all week.

Tuesday did the squatting again for the experiment I volunteered for and then ran 5 mile around the college green afterwards. Quads completely toasted afterwards.
Wednesday: day off
Thursday. 5.3 miles, 37:25. Ran home from Monkstown. First full run on the concrete and legs felt good.
Friday: 3.5 miles to the gym, weights, 1.5 miles home.
Today: Ran the 5 mile loop around Rockmarshall, 34:58. Probably ran a bit too hard, but decent run all the same.

Legs are feeling good in terms of shins, quads etc but no turnover and stride length is brutal. Presentation went well, and am looking forward to getting states side next week

Monday, May 4, 2009

No title

5 miles, 35:00

Grand run, extra day at home this weekend due to the Bank holiday. Alls good in the hood

Sunday, May 3, 2009


6.6 miles, 45:12

Great run this morning, no problems with the shin, felt nice and relaxed.

Obviously looking a bit foolish after the Munster Leinster game yesterday. Leinster, all credit to them, they were truly magnificent. Munster's big guns were a no show, and were rightly beaten. 

One overriding thought after the run today was that if despite feeling good, a marathon means 2+ hours extra running, which basically inspires the feeling of, well, fuckin hell. Coste and Jokin are not helping, running 5+ minutes faster than you're expecting makes it look too easy. 

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Battlelines drawn

4.5 miles, 31:28

Started out nice and slow as the quads were extremely sensitive but after about 10 mins felt great. The shin was much improved and felt much better than I was anticipating. There is zero comparison between running on grass in warm sunshine and stuck on a treadmill. 

Today sees Munster take on Leinster in the Heineken cup semi-final. It has been a ridiculous year for Irish rugby. Following the Grand Slam, Munster have pretty muched wrapped up the Magners League with Leinster in 2nd, and now a guaranteed Irish presence in the Heineken Cup final. Maybe surprisingly, I am thoroughly behind the Munster side despite being a Leinsterman. 3 reasons why: 1) Keith Wood is my all-time favourite player, and have been behind Munster since he joined them from 'Quins in '99. 2) Only in the last 3-4 years has Leinster properly appealed the province as a whole. Previously it was nothing more than a Boy's club for D4 snobs sitting over pints of 'Ken. 3) I refuse to root against Paul O'Connell. The man has put the fear of God into me. Can't wait, and fully expect Munster to beat the spread and win by 7+ despite the experts predictions of a tight game. 

Friday, May 1, 2009

I don't know if you heard, I've done over a 1000

No gym/no run

Had intended to continue with the cross-trainer/treadmill routine, but didn't happen. The first to go was the run as the shin was pretty tight today. However, I was back participating in the study measuring EMG activity during dynamic squats under various conditions. Due to some technical difficulties the test lasted almost 4 hours, while I was doing continuous squats for almost half that time. So between the lateness of finishing and the fact that my quads were absolute toast from all the squats I jacked the workout and hobbled home to lay up for the evening.