Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still alive, still crocked

I gotta admit, only for Jokin's pretty sick run this weekend and Keith's surgery vids, my bloglist has been conspicuous in its boringness/lack of entries. But its hard to complain when I'm just as guilty. About 6 weeks since my last post. Shoddy.

Where am I at? Not quite suicidal, but definitely feel like I'm stuck in a 2003 timewarp, except this time I'm not drinking anywhere near the quantity of beer I was putting down then (if they sold PBR in Ireland that might change).

It's 7 weeks and a day since the marathon. Last Monday I ran 1 mile (that's not a typo) in 8:35 (that's not a typo either). By the end of the mile I was in about as much pain as I was post 12/26.2ths into the marathon (that's a legitimate fraction). That had me wallowing in self pity as I don't feel that the quad/hip is improving. I finally got to see a specialist yesterday, who when he got done financially ass-raping me thinks its a stress fracture to the femur and is driving down osteopenia highway with stops at endocrinologists etc etc, again, 2003 much? I have an MRI next Monday which should hopefully shed some light on the issue. Personally I am not in agreement in the stress fracture thing. Never had a stress fracture that was still sore to walk on 7 weeks after the fact, plus this is the 5th/6th time in the last 3-4 years in the same spot. My guess at this stage is something nerve related, but what do I know?

In the past 7 weeks I've done my best to keep up fitness and keep down booze consumption. I've had a consistent 6 weeks of 2 days of interval work rehashing Berg's old workouts in the pool, with 3 days on the bike for anywhere between 60-90mins. 2 weight sessions a week and some core work later and I'm still managing to keep the weight off. I've got a full XC race program starting mid February serving as motivation for training, but as the clock ticks on it looks a little less likely. Here's to Monday providing some answers.


JoKin said...

sorry to hear boss. at least you're not a sissy like decoste.

ps. i'm drinking a pbr as i type. delicious.

Coste said...

if i could only find a scanner i would upload this here picture i drew of jokin llalalalickin ma balls

Tarpy said...

the verification word is "uppers". why does blogger encourage drug use?