Monday, May 31, 2010

In the Hurt Locker

Thu: Off
Fri: 7 miles, no time
Sat: 5 miles; 34:37 + a few strides
Sun: ~12 miles, 82 mins  (Weeks total: 6 runs, 41 miles)
Mon: 5 miles, 38:16 (seriously)

A good few days running (except today). Legs felt great Friday after physio on Wednesday and day of rest on Thursday. Kept it easy Saturday, and then had a great run with Kim and Tarpy on Sunday. Was longer than the planned 10, but felt good and enjoyed the run. Stiffened up quite a bit after though, and combined with the roughly 10 beers during the rest of the day the body is not feeling too good today. The run this morning was a pure slog.
Had a great weekend with Tarpy doing the 5 year thing here in Dublin. Had good craic Saturday evening with the PC crew over for the Jonesy/Quinn wedding, and then a great Sunday with Tarpy and Ed. Got some good running, good beers and good craic. Definitely not as aggressive as the weekends of yesteryear might have been but did the best we could. Feeling happy with the progress made running wise over the last few weeks, and am pretty confident I am fit enough to begin following last years schedule leading into the marathon. The 20 week training program starts next Monday.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reunion memories

Mon: 5.45 miles, 38:57
Tue: 6.1 miles, no time
Wed: 6.15 miles, 43:32 (22.18 out, 21:14 back)

Monday ran home from Monkstown. Despite this being one of my least favourite runs it went by extremely quickly and was pretty enjoyable. Tuesday, hit up Ringsend park for a few laps but forgot the watch, while Wednesday did an out and back on Sandymount strand. Legs were a little tired on this run but had physio after which loosened things up quite a bit.
Was looking at my old blog posts from this time last year to see how my mileage compares at present to last year and thankfully there isn't too much difference. Interestingly this week last year saw me trying to emerge from post-reunion alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Having done the '04 reunion bit last year, time to do the '05 bit this year. While I won't make it to PVD, Tarpy is in Ireland this weekend for the Quinn/Jonesy wedding, so 50% of the men's XC '05 teammates will be getting shitty together this weekend. Definitely drinking some Danny Tanner's and Tiger bombs to celebrate.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Race recap/week review

Tues: 8 miles total (2 w/u, 5 mile race, 1 c/d).
17th place in 29:12*

From a running point of view I was pleased with this. The aim was to break 29:30 which I did pretty comfortably. The reason for the asterisk is that the start to this race was a shambles. A field of 2500 were corralled into a one-lane road; there was no announcement regarding when the race would begin; and they started the race 4 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. As a result, I ended up towards the back of the field when the gun went as I was only working my way to the start line at the time (amateur mistake, I should have been in position already). I started the watch when I actually began running and came out with a time of 28:04. That wasn't for a full 8k/5 miles as I was walking prior to this, but estimate that the run was roughly worth a 28:45 which I'm very pleased with for this time of year. It's hard to gauge as there were no splits/mile markers anywhere on the course which was frustrating.
But there were a lot of pluses from this. The effort was controlled, and never really harder than a tempo besides the last 3-4 minutes maybe. Not knowing splits and the fiasco at the start allowed me to relax and just enjoy the run. And the legs felt good both during and after the run. Happy days. Also absolutely love the Katana. What a shoe.

Wed: Day off. Not too sore today, although the physio gave me a good going over that evening.
Thu: Some serious DOMS in the right calf this morning. Did a very easy 5 miles in the morning (37:00).
Fri: 6.1 miles, 41:30. Felt good on this run. Sun was out, legs were fresh, very relaxed and enjoyable.
Sat: Off
Sun: 8.25 miles, 56:03. Ridiculously hot day by Irish standards (80+). Felt good on the run despite a late one last night and the heat. Didn't put sun cream on. Bad mistake, I'm like a scalded cat now. But happy with the legs so far.

Weeks total: 5 runs (high for the year), 32.8 miles (also a high for the year).

Monday, May 17, 2010

Gettin' in on the action

5.45 miles, 39:22

Ran home from the gym as it was the only way I was getting a run in today. Bit longer than I wanted with the 'race' tomorrow, but did a stellar job running ass slow.
Seeing as Coste generated more hits on his blog than MCK's ass in the shower with his time predictions for the 5k, I'll go down the same route. Tomorrow: 8k on the roads. Top weekly mileage for the year = 25 or so. According to Strands (which I've kept updated when I've been running, so it is accurate), I've run for 36 out of the 137 days of the year so far (or 26.28%) with an average distance of 3.14 miles. Stellar training I'm sure you'll agree.
When I signed up the intention was to try to run 6 min miles (or marathon pace), trying to break 30. So I'll set the over/under on 29:30 to make it a more realistic bet. Like Coste, I'm breaking out the big guns and sporting the Nike Katana racers, whose only previous appearance was (I shit you not) a 14 min beer mile in 2006. The course is pretty much pancake flat with only one or two minor climbs, and barring the wind not blowing should be conducive to fast running. Enda has also offered to pace, but given that most of his training runs are about my race pace I don't see that happening.
Alrighty then, let the bidding begin

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm a Hitter!

Since DeCoste has successfully achieved his aim to break 16:44, I have for some reason been promoted to the hitters section of Jokin's bloglist. Not sure why I get the bump but I'll take it. And since I'm in there I figure I better post a training update.

Sunday: 5 miles in 33:55
Monday: 5.8 miles in 41:16
Tuesday & Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 4.2 miles in 28:44
Friday: 6.15 miles in 42:53
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 6.5 miles in 45:50

After Sunday and Monday's run at the beginning of the week I was suffering with some tightness in the left quad again. Took Tuesday and Wednesday off partly due to this and also I had my tri-monthly bone marrow biopsy Tuesday morning and was a little tender, so things worked out pretty good in terms of timing.
Had the physio beat the quad to a pulp Wednesday which helped work out a lot of the tightness, so the running for the rest of the week felt quite a bit better.
Like DeCoste, getting back into the racing gear this Tuesday night with an 8k fun run. Hoping to run sub 30, which will hopefully translate to being equivalent to marathon pace come October. Possibly have Enda as a pacemaker, although given that he just ran 10.4km in 34:30 yesterday and is clearly in good shape that could prove more of a hindrance than a help. Time shall tell the full tale.
Also my attempt to stay booze free for a month ended 2 weeks prematurely as I was in Fitzers till 4am on Friday. Coste, no need to worry about me growing up anytime soon.

Friday, May 7, 2010


So I've been a bit shit at keeping this thing updated. You'll forgive me, but seeing as my training is also a bit shit these days I'm not exactly inspired to keep sharing. Not even sure when I last updated this but in a nutshell:

Thurs & Fri: 2 runs just short of a half hour.
Sun: 5 miles with the dog
Tues: Another half hour
Thurs: About 4.5 miles
Fri: About 5.75 miles

The only thing of note about these runs is that the physio has me incorporating DIM into the run. DIM stands for Drawing In Manoeuvre. Sounds pretty DUM if you ask me but its supposed to help strengthen my back. Basically you just suck your tummy up and in and try to keep running with a normal breathing rhythm while maintaining this position. The restriction on the diaphragm means your breathing gets quite shallow so even an easy pace can leave you quite breathless fairly sharpish. Not too easy to maintain but been making sure to do it every 5 mins or so and hold for as long as possible. Also am supposed to do it during strengthening exercises etc which isn't as easy. Did some upper body weights today while doing it but until I get comfortable breathing with the belly tucked in its not much fun.
Yesterday and today I also had a kind of a fartlek exercise during the run. Yesterday I had seven ~30-35 second strides with ~60-90secs steady jog in between. Today's effort was a bit tamer, with five ~20-25sec strides. Again at the request of the physio, who wants to see if the pace variation causes the muscles to react, as she thinks just constantly running at the same easy pace is contributing to the hypertonicity of the muscles (tightness to you and me).

Outside running, the week started on an absolutely awful note as I was recovering from a massive drinking binge over the holiday weekend that left me in pieces. But then there was Wednesday night. Wednesday night was when Tottenham guaranteed 4th spot in the Premiership with a pretty damn fantastic win away to the uber-rich uber-shite Manchester City. Love beating on the rich kids.

Also going off the booze for a month. Overdid it the last 2 weekends with the stag and this past weekend. Have felt like crap since. Also back in for my monthly check up on Tuesday which includes liver function tests that I'm not so confident in getting good results in. I need to grow up.