Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whoop de doo VO2

Did a VO2max test on the bike today for shits and giggles and was pretty pleased with the results. Had a peak VO2 of 5.13L/min or 75ml/min/kg. Peak HR was 199. Overall was pretty pleased as the numbers are about the same as when I was 19 and in pretty good shape.
The bad news is that the physio told me that I need to take a week off to see if the leg will respond to the treatment, as she thinks that the lack of improvement following treatment is due to me overdoing it in the gym. So we'll give it a go. Its not like I'm training for anything in particular now that XC is passing me by.
Get the results of the blood tests in the morning too, so hopefully getting somewhere, however slowly

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not promising

So after about 10 days running the leg started giving me pain again, so I've stopped running again and am back cross training. Had the blood tests done today which I'll get the results of next Thursday, and see the haemotologist Feb 9th to try to get to the bottom of this.

Last summer Tarpy referred me to a blog run by a doctor in New Zealand as he had written a number of articles regarding the negative effects of fosamax. I emailed him a week or so ago describing my symptoms etc. The feedback wasn't exactly encouraging:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oi its freezing!

The weather here in Ireland lately has been absolutely baltic. My nuts have gone into hibernation. Feels as cold as it ever got in PVD, but with the moisture in the air its hard to ever get warm. Plus since we never usually get a snow/ice build up, the gov't doesn't have the facilities to grit/salt the roads/foot paths and now everywhere is a sheet of ice. Managed to make it home without spilling onto the concrete. Score one for this guy.

Quick running update:
Rounded out '09 with a 20 min jog around the football fields at home feeling good. New Years Eve saw me get belligerent, therefore didn't run in 2010/'10 (are we going 20-10/'010/twothousand(and?)ten?) until the 2nd. The run on the 2nd, added an extra lap onto the fields at home for a 24 min outing, before repeating the next day a little slower. Off on the 4th. Yesterday and today ran for a half hour finishing off with weights on the latter and core on the former. Leg has felt decent, not spectacular, but no problems. Been working on my stride and keeping my hips lower to the ground with the pelvis tucked in to keep in line with the shoulders. Feels ok running like this but its mentally pretty taxing, and the gluts/hamstrings get knackered pretty quick since they're not used to doing this due to my previous crappy stride. Found it very difficult to maintain the form today as I was out in a sleet/snow storm without gloves/hat. Pretty miserable stuff. Ok, thats just a running update, nothing quick about it. Sorry.