Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week in review/training update/other such trivialities

Fri: 6 miles easy, no time + Gym
Sat: 8.25 miles, 56:33 + strides
Sun: 14 miles, 94:57
Weeks total: 6 runs, 56.25 miles

Mon: 5 miles, 36:45
Tue: 7.1 miles, 51:45 + Gym

Last week was the best weeks training thus far. Coming off the tempo on Thursday the legs felt good. Sunday's long run was ok but would have been better only for the fact I was drinking till 4am in pre-wedding celebrations. Was glad to get it done though and definitely felt better for it.

This week is the 4th week of the month which means a recovery week. Mileage will drop to mid-40s and no workout. Probably for the best as the brother's wedding on Friday means lots of drinking in the days before and after. Thankfully as of last night I'm off work for the week, so looking forward to doing 2 of my 3 favourite things, drinking and running. Happy days.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st Workout

Mon: 8 miles, 55:00
Tue: 9.2 miles, 66:30
Wed: Day off
Thu: 2.6 mile w/u, 6.15 mile tempo, 2.25 mile c/d; 70:26 total

Nothing much to note from the early week runs. Today was the first tempo of the marathon program, with which I'm reasonably satisfied. Was a little bit faster than the same tempo last year (35:45 today vs. 36:03 last year). The problem today was I was almost 30 seconds quicker today through two miles. As a result I started to rig pretty bad through the 3rd mile, and had to back off the rest of the run. It took a lot of "You're a f*cking pussy, man up"'s to not stop after 4, but once I had backed off a little I recovered sufficiently by the 5th and 6th mile to feel a little better by the end. Was still pretty spent though. Meant to take the HR monitor from the lab yesterday but forgot, but definitely have the feeling I was pushing too hard early on to call this a legitimate tempo effort. Better pace control and I'm confident I would have been another ~20secs faster than I was today, but such is life. Looking forward to the next one.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Overdue update

Last week: 5 runs, 42 miles

Mon = 6 miles, 43 mins or so
Tue = 8 miles, 53:39
Thu = 10.6 miles, 73:36; Avg HR = 163
Fri = 6 miles, 43:33
Sat = 11.5 miles, 81:17; Avg HR = 155
Sun = hungover misery

Was all set for a 6 day week of 50 miles until Saturday afternoon hit. Shaun is getting married a week from Friday so Saturday was decided on as the 'home leg' of his stag after the trip to Liverpool back in April. After getting the long run in for the week a day early having decided the risk of not running on Sunday was quite high, we went paintballing. First time doing it, and had great craic, although the numerous contusions and bruises incurred would put me off doing it again for quite a while. The weather has been unbelievably good this past week, so from 5pm Saturday we were in Fitzers beer garden getting after it. Silliness led to Jameson + 7up by around 10pm, and Jaegerbombs by about 11. I was savagely hungover, and unable to get out the door for a run despite the continuing great weather. Not exactly the highest level of dedication to training ever, but its not like my brother is getting married every day either.

The lack of posts is also partially due to the fact the laptop is totally on its last legs. It has developed the annoying habit of just shutting off whenever it feels like it which makes work a huge pain. Thought it was a goner yesterday, but a new power adaptor has restored it to life a little. Although the fact that its generating as much heat now as a miniature sun kinda has me a little worried for its long term health. Never buying HP again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup = No Work

Wed: 6 miles, 41:08
Thu: 8 miles, 53:37
Fri: 6 miles 42:12
Sat: 8 miles + strides, 55:03
Sun: 12.3 miles, 84:46

Weeks total, 6 runs, 48.3 miles

After a poor start to the week missing Monday to go drinking, the rest of the week panned out pretty well. Bar some residual tightness in the left quad/IT band the legs feel good and fresh. Pretty much all the runs this week started out nice and easy and by the end was running between 6:10-6:30 pace and feeling comfortable.

The World Cup has started and since it has I've done jack shit work wise. I think I'm in for a very unproductive month. Enjoyed pretty much all the games so far, having only missed the Slovenia Algeria game thus far (not missing much from reports). Been pretty much spot on with predictions so far, and while I called a draw with the US and England even I was surprised by the dross football served up by England. Can't see them progressing too far with football like that. Was impressed with the US, and think a QF placing is not beyond their reach with similar performances later in the tournament.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So far for June

Tues 1st: 7 miles, 49 mins
Wed: Day off
Thurs: 6.15 miles, 42:23 (22:12 out, 20:09 back)
Fri: 8 miles, 55:26
Sat: 5.5 miles, 39:22
Sun: 9.6 miles, 63:57
Mon: Off
Tues: 8 miles, 53:57.

Where to start? Runs that stick in the mind are the 6 on the Thursday as I felt like total crap and decided I needed to end this asap, so started to push, after running a bit quicker things improved so 'hammered' (I use that term very loosely) the last 1.5 or so back.
Sunday's was a great run. Weather was a little humid, warm, with reasonably heavy rain fall with zero wind. My favourite type of weather for running. Was running nice and easy until some fat dude on a bike passed me. Retook him on a hill, and then tried to hold him off as long as possible. Ended up clocking some miles towards the end at 6:10 pace and was feeling good, until about a half a mile from home when the lack of fitness caught up to me.
Monday was not a planned day off. Indeed, it was supposed to mark the start of 'official' marathon training (20 weeks out). So instead of running, I went on the lash. Sunday night the Pats had a charity boxing night, which was one of the best nights ever. Monday then we were celebrating the victories of Annaloughan's finest. Training could wait a day or two. The entrance to the fight of the night can be seen here  (I'm the little undertaker on the left, hence the coffin tilting towards me).
Tuesday as a day was a total wash until getting out for a run around 6pm and renegotiating my rent (an extra 40 yoyos a month in my pocket, happy days).