Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like a Young Bride, In for a qvuickie

4.35 miles, 29:57
No HR data

Had the DT's last night, so didnt run as planned this morning, which meant it was my first night run (7pm-ish) in yonks. Ankle is not sore but going over on it has definitely aggravated the existing tightness i had in the achilles. Also did not have any pain in the left quad, but everything is not normal down there. If I was to compare the left leg to the right leg, it feels like the left quad has been replaced with a brick that doesnt naturally want to stretch with the normal running motion. Its like I'm a brick with legs. Will continue on the every other day plan as I'm feeling healthy if not fit, and am getting great enjoyment from the runs I am able to get out for. Fingers crossed it may continue.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Catch up post

Thursday: Gym session while watching the Spurs v Shaktar game...while I got in a great long workout during the game, the game itself was a big pile of shite that left me cursing Spurs' shambolic defence once again.

Friday: One of those days that let you know the reasons why you run. Conditions were perfect. A crisp, cool morning with clear blue skies. The scenery was spectacular as I entered Herbert Park to see the sun rising over Dublin. I then totally spoiled the moment by not paying attention to where I was running and rolled my ankle pretty badly. Finished the run in pain. Total of ~3.9 miles in 26:52, avg HR = 156.

Saturday: Day off, ankle very sore. 

Sunday: 3.5 miles, 23:45. Ankle not great, will be ok as long as I dont do any further damage. Ran pretty hard as I was short on time.

Lots to discuss given weekend results. Props to Tarpy for a great race yesterday. I had also planned on hitting Drogheda yesterday to watch Keith, Mark and Vinny roll in the Ras na hEireann. However, that plan was jettisoned with the rather brilliant news that my brother Shaun got his knee dirty in Prague (i.e. he proposed to the missus). The wedding is already set for July 2nd 2010, and I have best man duties. I have now to plan stags (a home and away leg of course) as well as more immediately shake the hangover that means I skipped work today and was thoroughly pissed drunk for most of the weekend. Happy days.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time's a'wastin

~3.9 miles, 27:23
Avg HR = 158, peak = 173
Rec after 1 min = 48

Need to figure out a better schedule as the my runs are in the morning following a gym session the previous evening which means about 12 hours between the 2, and I'm not fit enough for the that. Spent most of the day post-run tired and a bit sore, but really enjoyed the run. Leg was pretty good, think that if I can stop thinking about it then I probably shouldn't have too many problems, but not counting my chickens just yet. 

Monday, February 16, 2009


3.7 miles, 26:00
Avg HR = 161; rec after 1 min = 46

This running gig is hard!! Definitely starting to appreciate more the impact running has on the legs as I was sore as shit after saturday's run and was in bed at half 9 absolutely knackered. Today wasn't much better as I was as useful as tits on a bull at work today after this mornings run. Really enjoyed the run this morning though. One slight negative is that my left quad did not feel 100% although the fact that it occupied my thoughts for 99% of the run means that I can't decide if there is anything actually there. Worked the foam roller after and am definitely tight so could be nothing more than that. Will test it on Wednesday, and if I need to take another week or two without running I'll do it as the gym is keeping me fit and I have nothing for 8 months to get fit for, so 2 weeks wont kill me. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

On Valentine's day, love yourself

3.5 miles, 25:11
Avg HR = 165, rec after 1 min = 30

While most people might assume that loving yourself means choking the chicken, for me it meant getting out the door for a first run in quite a while. And damn it felt good to be out there again. The legs actually felt much better than I could have expected, but the breathing was a little heavier than I thought it might be given the gym work I've been doing. 

Having not run in quite a while for the same reasons as ever, I've spent some time recently reflecting on what I want from running. The answer is still the same, I want to do a marathon. Given that, I needed to make the jump and commit. Given that most of the lads are committed to Eugene which I won't be doing, I will not travel for my debut. Dublin it is. Figure that since I'm probably not going to be fit to finish I might as well be close enough that I can get to my bed quick. I've signed up with the 'Trinity takes to the streets' group. One because they emailed me which made it easy to decide, plus they raise money for disadvantaged kids to get a decent education. Since I'm all about getting an education, it seemed like a good fit. Plus if I do get injured and can't run, I can still get involved with organising drinks stations or some shit. Win win.
Further reflections were made recently on how I might actually get fit enough to do a marathon. If I am to avoid injury, I can't afford to do too much running, which is counterproductive to the aim of, well running. So for the foreseeable future, I am going to embark on a plan of running every other day. I'm going to combine that with gym work and a day off weekly. I've been very happy with how the gym work has gone the last 5 weeks or so, and feel that I can continue with this plan for the next 5/6 months before trying to string together 8 weeks of quality running prior to the race. Thats the plan. I give it 2 weeks before its fallen apart.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In a word

Beard: Gone
Running: No
When: Soon
Realistically: Month
Gym: Yes
Fit: Never
Slim: Ha!
Tottenham: Shambles
Liverpool: C*nts
College: Good
Superbowl porn: Hilarious
Slumdog Millionaire: Brilliant