Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whoop de doo VO2

Did a VO2max test on the bike today for shits and giggles and was pretty pleased with the results. Had a peak VO2 of 5.13L/min or 75ml/min/kg. Peak HR was 199. Overall was pretty pleased as the numbers are about the same as when I was 19 and in pretty good shape.
The bad news is that the physio told me that I need to take a week off to see if the leg will respond to the treatment, as she thinks that the lack of improvement following treatment is due to me overdoing it in the gym. So we'll give it a go. Its not like I'm training for anything in particular now that XC is passing me by.
Get the results of the blood tests in the morning too, so hopefully getting somewhere, however slowly

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