Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back in action

Long time no see.

Today marked the first day I was allowed to do a complete run without having to take 'walking breaks'. I have been working off the Sardella progressive walk/run plan for the past 2 months or so and have made sufficient progress that I'm now upto a half hour complete run every other day. Not exactly anything to write home about but progress none the less.
Have already signed up for the adidas race series this summer and also the Dublin marathon. The marathon is more out of hope than expectation, but its nice to have the goal to aim for.
There are a couple of road races in the immediate few weeks that are tempting to take part in. Mightn't sound like the smartest plan in the world, and being honest, its not. But I'm also keen to find a balance between doing what's right and what's fun. The first is a 10k & half-marathon in the hometown of Dundalk on May 5th. Definitely considering the 10k as a fun run to show support, and then on the 18th there is an 8k here in Dublin to raise money for Unicef.
As for the CML, things are progressing well. The blood counts have improved nicely since beginning the treatment 2 months ago, and side effects have been negligible/non-existant. Having another bone-marrow biopsy on the 11th, which will give a better indication of how things are going.
Of more immediate importance is the fact that flights for the brother's stag weekend have been cancelled, leaving plans in tatters, and also getting my new tattoo on Thursday. Fun times.

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Coste said...

I disapprove of the replacement of some fat ginger on the top of your blog with a picture of a road. Just sayin...