Friday, November 6, 2009


So since last Monday I took a few days completely off pretty much due to the fact that I couldnt walk. Thursday & Friday I did some light x-training. Then spent the weekend boozing. I've been good since, and have put in a good week's cross training since. I even rehashed one of Berg's pool workouts yesterday, doing the 60second ladder. Given that we used to do that twice its not that great a workout, but baby steps.

I took a big step Wednesday night and joined a running club. The reason why this might be considered news is that I didn't rejoin my old club of my juvenile days Glenmore AC, but their 'rivals' Dunleer. I truthfully wish I could have been rejoining my old club, but the fact is that I would be their only senior runner, whereas at Dunleer, even in 2:36 shape (sadly this is hypothetical) I'm only around the no. 4/5 guy. I'm also good friends with 2 of the lads who are both my age, and already have a race goal set of the Irish Novice XC champs on Dec 6th. While I wont be in great shape, we should win the team title on the back of the top 3. This definitely has me motivated to lash out the x-training in the meantime.

This optimism was checked somewhat tonight after my visit to the physio clinic. Run by students, they did some great work trying to get me fit enough to make the marathon. However, given how my recovery is going and based on my medical history they feel that as students they can no longer treat me, recommending that I visit a qualified professional for treatment and visit my GP to arrange a bone scan and/or MRI, as they're concerned I may have another stress fracture. I don't personally feel I have a sf based on how it feels, but then I've felt that way in the past when it was the case. Either way its bummed me out a bit and put some doubts in my mind, but I'll be in the pool tomorrow giving it a lash again! Dec 6th remains the goal

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