Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dreams are answers to questions we don't know how to ask....

It's been a while since I updated this thing. In the meantime a lot has happened, but unfortunately none of it is positive with regards to running. Because it's late and I'm tired, I've taken the liberty of just copying and pasting an email I've just sent:

As most of you know this past October my first attempt at a marathon failed miserably due to a leg injury. Subsequent scans/tests/MRI's etc showed some things that shouldn't be expected in a supposedly healthy 28 year old male. 2 weeks ago I had some blood work done which revealed an abnormal white cell count which resulted in me undergoing a bone marrow biopsy this past Monday. This test revealed that I am currently suffering from chronic myeloid leukaemia (which you can read more about here). While this sounds dramatic (and obviously is a serious condition), I've been very lucky in that the condition has been diagnosed extremely early and with drug treatment I can expect to live a long and healthy life. Unfortunately the diagnosis of CML doesn't explain the leg pain, so as of yet I still cannot run, but you can expect to receive in the next few months a solicitation for donations as I have a new charity to run for! Unless something changes in the meantime, I can expect to maintain my normal day to day routine without any major repercussions. In the meantime, I am heading to Glasgow first thing tomorrow morning for the weekend (as I said, life goes on!) so if it takes me a while to get in touch with everyone please forgive me. The purpose of this email is to keep you informed of what is happening, not to look for sympathy. As I said, life goes on, if you want to email/call etc please do, but I hope the reason why is to let me know how you are doing, not to express condolences.Truly wishing each and everyone the very best.

Hoping to get back running soon, in the meantime, much love

wee man/yank/sprout/Eamonn

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