Sunday, January 4, 2009

1st Run of '09

4.25 miles, 29:15
no HR

Finally got out for a run after 6 days off. The problems down the left side that caused me to take the time off were improved, especially in the calf, but the quad is still not 100%. Overall though it felt great to get back out there and made me realise how lazy and useless I am when I don't/can't run. Spent most of the run thinking about what I had done differently in training the week before last, and the two main differences were that I had my first 6 day week and also didn't do any weights the prior 2 weeks. So given how things played out I definitely need to maintain the weights and take a day off with a day of cross training in there also. The run itself was a little faster than normal for the field but the ground was in much better shape than usual as it was a pretty dry week, and felt pretty good. Back to Dublin tomorrow, and hoping to get back to the usual routine.

Aside from that the only other news for concern is that Spurs were drawn away to Man Utd in the FA cup, which barring a miracle means that it will be at least 2010 before Spurs win the cup again. Fuck it.

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