Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's been just over a week without running and I'm waaay past the godIhateinjuriessomuchIjustwanttokillmyself phase. Phew, glad thats over with. Actually not at all bummed about the injury given the quality efforts I've been getting out of myself cross-training. Granted, I'm only planning on hitting the gym about thrice weekly (that's 3 right?) but when I'm there I've been doing about an hour of cardio on either the bike or elliptical plus weights and core. I'm a goddam beast. But seriously, been able to push the HR up into the 190s, which lets face it, when you're running 7+++ minute miles doesn't really happen; plus I am sweating like an addict trying to quit crack, so will probably drop a few lbs along the way. Happy days. The one downside is when I get off the bike it looks like I've pissed myself, which only happened that one time. Not really. 
Not much else is happening in the world of the weeman at this point in time...I'm back rocking the beard temporarily, maybe till I start running again. Not looking quite like the terrorist I am in my passport as I'm not a skinhead anymore. Also missing 2 quite large patches of hair from my right leg which had to be shaved in the name of science, so needless to say, I got quite a few odd looks at the gym. Good God, I'm talking about my beard and leg hair, time to wrap this up.
Bye now.

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Coste said...

weeman, i'm glad you weathered through the kill yourself phase. i really didn't want to have see $30,000 and a midget horse go to waste come reunion week.