Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mood is not easy to describe

Briefly, last week got 3 great workouts in the gym, felt supermotivated and seriously had to fight the urge to go for a run as all was good. Was nice to feel this good all last week as I had been off the booze since New Years. Then Sunday happened. Decided to go to Fitz on Sunday to watch the Spurs game, which proceeded to absolutely wreck my mood, result in my near removal from the bar because my swearing at the TV was putting people off their Sunday dinner (the nerve of some people), and having about 12 pints.
Fast forward to Monday, way too hungover to travel back to Dublin that morning, instead found the ultimate cure for a hangover: Laughter. Watched Step Brothers and that shit is absolutely hilarious. Cue lots of G-chat quotathons with Coste, a.k.a. Dragon. As a result of losing a day due to beer, only got to the gym twice this week, but am thinking of doing a hike on Saturday. Motivation levels are nowhere near as good as last week, which is firmly attributed to Spurs sucking the life force out of me as I have never had such a miserable time as a fan. Its friggin awful!!

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