Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last run of '09??

3.9 miles, 27:09
Avg HR = 161, peak = 169
Rec after 1 min = 42

Summarising the run as follows: 10 minutes of pain-free enjoyable running, 10 minutes of running in increasing discomfort, 7 minutes of running in pain. 
It's hard to put into words how disheartening runs like this are, and avoided posting this yesterday as I didn't feel that posting suicidal thoughts would contribute anything productive. The problems are not only stemming from my left quad but also my upper left shin. It's particularly frustrating because the last 3 times I have attempted to make a running comeback I have gotten about 10-12 weeks in, up to about 40 miles a week, and the same problem in the left quad keeps arising to shut me down. What the cause is I have no idea, although the last official diagnosed stress fracture I had back in '04 was there. The left shin which is presently troublesome is also the site of a prior stress fracture. Musing over any and all possible reasons for this I remembered this blog post that Tarpy sent me a few months back describing how Fosomax works (as well as this and similar articles), and have sort of concluded that my bones just haven't healed properly from any of the stress fractures I suffered while taking Fosomax. I'm not really sure how to deal with this if it proved to be correct as Fosomax has a ten-year half life, meaning that I am still about 5-10 years short of clearing it from my system. Given that I can't afford to go and get any tests/scans done to confirm/deny this theory, I'm back at the usual spot of rest/recovery before getting back in the saddle.
So I have resolved myself to cross-training at least 3 times a week for the next month-6 weeks in order to continue in the bid to shift this tire from around my gut and maintain/improve fitness levels to allow to start running again in a few weeks time. Will probably not blog much during this time as I can't be bothered writing about an hour on the bike unless I happen to spot some honeys in the gym that are post-worthy. Peace.


Coach G-Unit said...

Hey man, I am sorry to hear about the recent setback. I, for the first time really, have experienced the frustrations of something that just won't go away and I can say I fully understand. I really hope it isn't as devastating as a side effect from a bad drug.

Don't get too down, you can always wear those half tight spandex things Jokin is so fond of and go biking or some other cruel form of cross training...wait, that didn't help much

Tarpy said...

any updates from the wee man?