Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So far for June

Tues 1st: 7 miles, 49 mins
Wed: Day off
Thurs: 6.15 miles, 42:23 (22:12 out, 20:09 back)
Fri: 8 miles, 55:26
Sat: 5.5 miles, 39:22
Sun: 9.6 miles, 63:57
Mon: Off
Tues: 8 miles, 53:57.

Where to start? Runs that stick in the mind are the 6 on the Thursday as I felt like total crap and decided I needed to end this asap, so started to push, after running a bit quicker things improved so 'hammered' (I use that term very loosely) the last 1.5 or so back.
Sunday's was a great run. Weather was a little humid, warm, with reasonably heavy rain fall with zero wind. My favourite type of weather for running. Was running nice and easy until some fat dude on a bike passed me. Retook him on a hill, and then tried to hold him off as long as possible. Ended up clocking some miles towards the end at 6:10 pace and was feeling good, until about a half a mile from home when the lack of fitness caught up to me.
Monday was not a planned day off. Indeed, it was supposed to mark the start of 'official' marathon training (20 weeks out). So instead of running, I went on the lash. Sunday night the Pats had a charity boxing night, which was one of the best nights ever. Monday then we were celebrating the victories of Annaloughan's finest. Training could wait a day or two. The entrance to the fight of the night can be seen here  (I'm the little undertaker on the left, hence the coffin tilting towards me).
Tuesday as a day was a total wash until getting out for a run around 6pm and renegotiating my rent (an extra 40 yoyos a month in my pocket, happy days).

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