Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Overdue update

Last week: 5 runs, 42 miles

Mon = 6 miles, 43 mins or so
Tue = 8 miles, 53:39
Thu = 10.6 miles, 73:36; Avg HR = 163
Fri = 6 miles, 43:33
Sat = 11.5 miles, 81:17; Avg HR = 155
Sun = hungover misery

Was all set for a 6 day week of 50 miles until Saturday afternoon hit. Shaun is getting married a week from Friday so Saturday was decided on as the 'home leg' of his stag after the trip to Liverpool back in April. After getting the long run in for the week a day early having decided the risk of not running on Sunday was quite high, we went paintballing. First time doing it, and had great craic, although the numerous contusions and bruises incurred would put me off doing it again for quite a while. The weather has been unbelievably good this past week, so from 5pm Saturday we were in Fitzers beer garden getting after it. Silliness led to Jameson + 7up by around 10pm, and Jaegerbombs by about 11. I was savagely hungover, and unable to get out the door for a run despite the continuing great weather. Not exactly the highest level of dedication to training ever, but its not like my brother is getting married every day either.

The lack of posts is also partially due to the fact the laptop is totally on its last legs. It has developed the annoying habit of just shutting off whenever it feels like it which makes work a huge pain. Thought it was a goner yesterday, but a new power adaptor has restored it to life a little. Although the fact that its generating as much heat now as a miniature sun kinda has me a little worried for its long term health. Never buying HP again.

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