Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week in review/training update/other such trivialities

Fri: 6 miles easy, no time + Gym
Sat: 8.25 miles, 56:33 + strides
Sun: 14 miles, 94:57
Weeks total: 6 runs, 56.25 miles

Mon: 5 miles, 36:45
Tue: 7.1 miles, 51:45 + Gym

Last week was the best weeks training thus far. Coming off the tempo on Thursday the legs felt good. Sunday's long run was ok but would have been better only for the fact I was drinking till 4am in pre-wedding celebrations. Was glad to get it done though and definitely felt better for it.

This week is the 4th week of the month which means a recovery week. Mileage will drop to mid-40s and no workout. Probably for the best as the brother's wedding on Friday means lots of drinking in the days before and after. Thankfully as of last night I'm off work for the week, so looking forward to doing 2 of my 3 favourite things, drinking and running. Happy days.

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