Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup = No Work

Wed: 6 miles, 41:08
Thu: 8 miles, 53:37
Fri: 6 miles 42:12
Sat: 8 miles + strides, 55:03
Sun: 12.3 miles, 84:46

Weeks total, 6 runs, 48.3 miles

After a poor start to the week missing Monday to go drinking, the rest of the week panned out pretty well. Bar some residual tightness in the left quad/IT band the legs feel good and fresh. Pretty much all the runs this week started out nice and easy and by the end was running between 6:10-6:30 pace and feeling comfortable.

The World Cup has started and since it has I've done jack shit work wise. I think I'm in for a very unproductive month. Enjoyed pretty much all the games so far, having only missed the Slovenia Algeria game thus far (not missing much from reports). Been pretty much spot on with predictions so far, and while I called a draw with the US and England even I was surprised by the dross football served up by England. Can't see them progressing too far with football like that. Was impressed with the US, and think a QF placing is not beyond their reach with similar performances later in the tournament.

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