Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Fri: 5.1 miles, 37:04 + core work
Sat: 8 miles, 56:16
Sun: 15.8 miles, 108:29
Weeks total, 7 runs, 63.3 miles
Mon: 6 miles, 43:15
Tue: 10 miles, 66:52 + weights

Last week was a great week's training, although caution is the word of the day as it represents a significant jump on my mileage thus far this year so making sure I look after the legs. But following on from the drunkenness the previous week it was a good rebound.
Wore the HR monitor the last 3 days. Sunday I averaged 159bpm for the long run which was pleasing, although from 9 miles on it didn't really drop below 160 on account of a very strong headwind the rest of the way home.
Monday I went out with the intention of keeping the HR under 150bpm, which ended up being easier to do than expected (average = 145). Today's run the HR was again surprisingly low (avg =153bpm) even though I was moving at a good clip. Despite the bump in mileage the legs feel good and I'm looking forward to the first race of the season (5 miles) this Saturday. That said, the physio found some wicked sore points last night that need further work, but all in all I'm pretty excited with how things are going.

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