Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Post-race slogs

Sun: 10.2 miles, 74:31
Mon: 6 miles, 43:52
Tue AM: 8 miles + Gym; PM: Incremental test on the bike, ~30mins
Wed: off

Sunday was a very gentle effort, not necessarily because the legs were gassed, they weren't; but it was 10am and I hadn't gotten till bed till 4. Despite the lateness of the previous night, I had been pretty good/tame by college standards, but getting up to run at 10 sucked just as bad as I remembered it used to. Still once out, things started to improve, and enjoyed the craic with Enda while we ran. Hit up the war memorial gardens (which were lovely) and a previously unknown bike path on the banks of the Liffey out by Chapelizod to keep the run flat and scenic.
Monday was another recovery run. Could feel the race in the legs still so was happy to just donder along. Was a little surprised at quite how leisurely the pace was but not too bothered, it was a hectic day and was glad for the relaxation time.
Tuesday I had a 10 on tap, but hadn't the time to do the gym on Monday and knew I was on the bike in the afternoon as the guinea pig for a lab demonstration for some medical students. The run was fine but the bike was the last thing I wanted, the legs still haven't fully gotten Saturday out of them, and with a tempo on Thursday I didn't want to be choking them up with lactic acid. Went to about 80-90% of max (VO2 was 60ml/kg/min and HR was ~185) and bagged it. The students had seen enough and the legs were knackered. Might do a proper VO2 max test somewhere down the line, but on the treadmill, not the bike.
New routine for Wednesday: 20 mins in the steam room at the pool. Physio recommended it and tried it for the first time last week. Had a positive impact last week so will likely keep it going

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