Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A week of Chinese PR's

Fri: 6.15 miles, 45:11 + Core work
Sat: 8 miles, 55:31 + Gym work
Sun: 16.1 miles, 109:23, avg HR = 156
Mon: 5 miles, 37:51
Tue: 8 miles, 53:34 + Core, avg HR = 148
Wed: 5.1 miles, 36:31 + Gym

Overdue on the blogging, but it's safe to say that I'm taking my recovery runs to a whole new level of slowness. Friday and Monday's run take some beating. However, I'm enjoying the more leisurely runs, and they're badly needed. By week's end on Sunday (57.25 miles on 6 runs) the legs were on the sorer side. Felt beat up, and starting to feel the onset of some shin splints in both legs. Thankfully this week is a down week (no workouts, reduced mileage) which should allow them to recover sufficiently. Tuesday's run was a positive, shins were better (though not 100%) following the physio the previous evening and running with Ed made time fly effortlessly, with the HR as good as its been all year.
Been watching the Europeans since Tuesday. The highlight for me thus far has to Chris Thompson in the 10k. I ran against him in high school (as in I was in the same race as him) a couple of times and he was a class act. A better junior coming through than Farah, he's had shit luck (which I can relate to) so it was great to see him persevere and get some hardware on a big stage. Also a big highlight was the 1st round of the men's 800 with Ireland's David McCarthy. Watch the video below and wait for the race to get to 250 to go. There's two things I hate in this world; those who are ignorant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch.

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