Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great week's drinking

Tues: 4 pints & 2 cans following wedding rehearsal
Wed: Stumbled out of Fitzpatricks at 4:30am
Thu: Pre-wedding night cans at home
Fri: Wedding day drinking concluded at 7:30am
Sat: Back on the hooch around noon, wrapped up the festivities around 2am
Sun: Felt like I was dying a slow horrible death.

Following on from my best weeks training I probably had my worst week this past week. Hardly surprising given the activities listed above. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday were the only days I actually got any running in during the week. Not what I had planned but wasn't much different than I expected unfortunately. It's not everyday your brother gets married.
The happy couple!

Looking a little worse for wear  back in the residence bar ~3am

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Coste said...

This would be a legitimate excuse if you didn't have 485 brothers. Pretty sure you're going to have a bro getting married every week for the next decade.