Monday, February 16, 2009


3.7 miles, 26:00
Avg HR = 161; rec after 1 min = 46

This running gig is hard!! Definitely starting to appreciate more the impact running has on the legs as I was sore as shit after saturday's run and was in bed at half 9 absolutely knackered. Today wasn't much better as I was as useful as tits on a bull at work today after this mornings run. Really enjoyed the run this morning though. One slight negative is that my left quad did not feel 100% although the fact that it occupied my thoughts for 99% of the run means that I can't decide if there is anything actually there. Worked the foam roller after and am definitely tight so could be nothing more than that. Will test it on Wednesday, and if I need to take another week or two without running I'll do it as the gym is keeping me fit and I have nothing for 8 months to get fit for, so 2 weeks wont kill me. 

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