Saturday, February 14, 2009

On Valentine's day, love yourself

3.5 miles, 25:11
Avg HR = 165, rec after 1 min = 30

While most people might assume that loving yourself means choking the chicken, for me it meant getting out the door for a first run in quite a while. And damn it felt good to be out there again. The legs actually felt much better than I could have expected, but the breathing was a little heavier than I thought it might be given the gym work I've been doing. 

Having not run in quite a while for the same reasons as ever, I've spent some time recently reflecting on what I want from running. The answer is still the same, I want to do a marathon. Given that, I needed to make the jump and commit. Given that most of the lads are committed to Eugene which I won't be doing, I will not travel for my debut. Dublin it is. Figure that since I'm probably not going to be fit to finish I might as well be close enough that I can get to my bed quick. I've signed up with the 'Trinity takes to the streets' group. One because they emailed me which made it easy to decide, plus they raise money for disadvantaged kids to get a decent education. Since I'm all about getting an education, it seemed like a good fit. Plus if I do get injured and can't run, I can still get involved with organising drinks stations or some shit. Win win.
Further reflections were made recently on how I might actually get fit enough to do a marathon. If I am to avoid injury, I can't afford to do too much running, which is counterproductive to the aim of, well running. So for the foreseeable future, I am going to embark on a plan of running every other day. I'm going to combine that with gym work and a day off weekly. I've been very happy with how the gym work has gone the last 5 weeks or so, and feel that I can continue with this plan for the next 5/6 months before trying to string together 8 weeks of quality running prior to the race. Thats the plan. I give it 2 weeks before its fallen apart.

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