Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Like a Young Bride, In for a qvuickie

4.35 miles, 29:57
No HR data

Had the DT's last night, so didnt run as planned this morning, which meant it was my first night run (7pm-ish) in yonks. Ankle is not sore but going over on it has definitely aggravated the existing tightness i had in the achilles. Also did not have any pain in the left quad, but everything is not normal down there. If I was to compare the left leg to the right leg, it feels like the left quad has been replaced with a brick that doesnt naturally want to stretch with the normal running motion. Its like I'm a brick with legs. Will continue on the every other day plan as I'm feeling healthy if not fit, and am getting great enjoyment from the runs I am able to get out for. Fingers crossed it may continue.

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