Monday, May 31, 2010

In the Hurt Locker

Thu: Off
Fri: 7 miles, no time
Sat: 5 miles; 34:37 + a few strides
Sun: ~12 miles, 82 mins  (Weeks total: 6 runs, 41 miles)
Mon: 5 miles, 38:16 (seriously)

A good few days running (except today). Legs felt great Friday after physio on Wednesday and day of rest on Thursday. Kept it easy Saturday, and then had a great run with Kim and Tarpy on Sunday. Was longer than the planned 10, but felt good and enjoyed the run. Stiffened up quite a bit after though, and combined with the roughly 10 beers during the rest of the day the body is not feeling too good today. The run this morning was a pure slog.
Had a great weekend with Tarpy doing the 5 year thing here in Dublin. Had good craic Saturday evening with the PC crew over for the Jonesy/Quinn wedding, and then a great Sunday with Tarpy and Ed. Got some good running, good beers and good craic. Definitely not as aggressive as the weekends of yesteryear might have been but did the best we could. Feeling happy with the progress made running wise over the last few weeks, and am pretty confident I am fit enough to begin following last years schedule leading into the marathon. The 20 week training program starts next Monday.

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