Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Catch Up post

Thu 29th: 8 miles along the canal, 53:53 (27:55 out, 25:58 back)
Fri: 6 miles on the grass, 43:04
Sat: Day off
Sun: 13 miles over in Sligo, 88:56
Mon: 4 miles, ~30 mins
Tue: 10 miles, 67:38; Avg HR = 147bpm, max = 161bpm.
Wed: Day off

I'm sucking pretty good at keeping track of the training in the blogosphere format. Mon-Sun of last week formed the downweek of the monthly cycle, hence no workouts last week, plus a slightly shorter Sunday run. Despite the easier week, the legs have felt pretty gassed since the previous week. Highlight of the week was definitely the few days in Sligo for the long weekend. Rotated the day off from Wed to Saturday to allow for travelling etc. Got in a great run on Sunday along some amazing scenery followed by about 2 hours of surfing for the first time. Surfing rocks. That night, Enda, his brother and a couple of lads were heading to Leonard Cohen. Since I didn't have a ticket, I found a nice high bar stool and kicked back with some of the Sligo natives. Little did I realise that Leonard puts on quite a show. By the time the lads got back I was full as a boot, and as a result the run on Monday was both short and very slow. Bit like myself. A dip in the Atlantic followed by some more surfing that afternoon rounded out the trip.
Tuesday's run was the first time in almost two weeks the legs felt like they had some life in them. Let's hope so, workout tomorrow.
The shins have been bothersome at worst this week, with some improvement after the day off on Saturday. Hoping that I've nipped it in the bud, but will be keeping an eye on it for a few days more.

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