Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 x 2 mile effort

Target: 4 x 2 miles in 10:40-10:45 w/ 3 mins recovery.

1) 10:54 (5:38, 5:16; HR = 185), 2:57 (HR = 133);
2) 11:00 (5:40, 5:20; HR = 185), 2:57 (HR = 143);
3) 10:49 (5:34, 5:15; HR = 189), 2:57 (HR = 146);
4) 10:50 (5:34, 5:16; HR = 190), HR after 1 min = 145.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with this effort. This workout last year was probably the best I had during the training program for the marathon. That day I had pretty much perfect conditions, whereas today the breeze was blowing and from 200m to 2k I had a pretty strong headwind that is evident in the splits. The 2nd time I did this workout last year I had a similar breeze blowing and the splits were even a bit slower than today, although off 30 seconds less rest but an extra month's training. Looking back at the older workouts, there is a roughly 6-8 second difference between the first (slower) and second mile due to the gradient, so estimate I was losing between 10-15 seconds due to the wind, which would put the effort in the range I was hoping for.
Pleased because the HR and the breathing were pretty much under control for the majority of the workout. Felt a bit limited by the legs, as the tiredness of the last 2 weeks was still present. Only interval I wasn't happy with was the 2nd one, as I was a little too much into 'tempo' type effort and not pushing myself quite hard enough. Definitely did not have that problem on the last one, really took some mental verbal abuse to push through that one as the legs were filling with lactic very early on. Got a nice lift from seeing the split from the first mile of the interval, and was able to hold it together down the remainder of the interval.
Since ending the workout, did a lot of work on stretching, especially the calves, and no adverse reactions in the shins/anywhere else since. Legs feel decent, although tomorrow may be a different story.

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