Monday, May 17, 2010

Gettin' in on the action

5.45 miles, 39:22

Ran home from the gym as it was the only way I was getting a run in today. Bit longer than I wanted with the 'race' tomorrow, but did a stellar job running ass slow.
Seeing as Coste generated more hits on his blog than MCK's ass in the shower with his time predictions for the 5k, I'll go down the same route. Tomorrow: 8k on the roads. Top weekly mileage for the year = 25 or so. According to Strands (which I've kept updated when I've been running, so it is accurate), I've run for 36 out of the 137 days of the year so far (or 26.28%) with an average distance of 3.14 miles. Stellar training I'm sure you'll agree.
When I signed up the intention was to try to run 6 min miles (or marathon pace), trying to break 30. So I'll set the over/under on 29:30 to make it a more realistic bet. Like Coste, I'm breaking out the big guns and sporting the Nike Katana racers, whose only previous appearance was (I shit you not) a 14 min beer mile in 2006. The course is pretty much pancake flat with only one or two minor climbs, and barring the wind not blowing should be conducive to fast running. Enda has also offered to pace, but given that most of his training runs are about my race pace I don't see that happening.
Alrighty then, let the bidding begin


Tarpy said...

How many midget horses factor in to this race? Can a midget horse carry you for 5 miles?

Jilane said...

8k? How in the bajesus am I supposed to guess on that cracked out distance?

Coste said...

29:48.99 if you are allowed to use midget horses to propel you to the finish line.

29:50.01 if you aren't.