Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm a Hitter!

Since DeCoste has successfully achieved his aim to break 16:44, I have for some reason been promoted to the hitters section of Jokin's bloglist. Not sure why I get the bump but I'll take it. And since I'm in there I figure I better post a training update.

Sunday: 5 miles in 33:55
Monday: 5.8 miles in 41:16
Tuesday & Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 4.2 miles in 28:44
Friday: 6.15 miles in 42:53
Saturday: Off
Sunday: 6.5 miles in 45:50

After Sunday and Monday's run at the beginning of the week I was suffering with some tightness in the left quad again. Took Tuesday and Wednesday off partly due to this and also I had my tri-monthly bone marrow biopsy Tuesday morning and was a little tender, so things worked out pretty good in terms of timing.
Had the physio beat the quad to a pulp Wednesday which helped work out a lot of the tightness, so the running for the rest of the week felt quite a bit better.
Like DeCoste, getting back into the racing gear this Tuesday night with an 8k fun run. Hoping to run sub 30, which will hopefully translate to being equivalent to marathon pace come October. Possibly have Enda as a pacemaker, although given that he just ran 10.4km in 34:30 yesterday and is clearly in good shape that could prove more of a hindrance than a help. Time shall tell the full tale.
Also my attempt to stay booze free for a month ended 2 weeks prematurely as I was in Fitzers till 4am on Friday. Coste, no need to worry about me growing up anytime soon.

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