Friday, May 7, 2010


So I've been a bit shit at keeping this thing updated. You'll forgive me, but seeing as my training is also a bit shit these days I'm not exactly inspired to keep sharing. Not even sure when I last updated this but in a nutshell:

Thurs & Fri: 2 runs just short of a half hour.
Sun: 5 miles with the dog
Tues: Another half hour
Thurs: About 4.5 miles
Fri: About 5.75 miles

The only thing of note about these runs is that the physio has me incorporating DIM into the run. DIM stands for Drawing In Manoeuvre. Sounds pretty DUM if you ask me but its supposed to help strengthen my back. Basically you just suck your tummy up and in and try to keep running with a normal breathing rhythm while maintaining this position. The restriction on the diaphragm means your breathing gets quite shallow so even an easy pace can leave you quite breathless fairly sharpish. Not too easy to maintain but been making sure to do it every 5 mins or so and hold for as long as possible. Also am supposed to do it during strengthening exercises etc which isn't as easy. Did some upper body weights today while doing it but until I get comfortable breathing with the belly tucked in its not much fun.
Yesterday and today I also had a kind of a fartlek exercise during the run. Yesterday I had seven ~30-35 second strides with ~60-90secs steady jog in between. Today's effort was a bit tamer, with five ~20-25sec strides. Again at the request of the physio, who wants to see if the pace variation causes the muscles to react, as she thinks just constantly running at the same easy pace is contributing to the hypertonicity of the muscles (tightness to you and me).

Outside running, the week started on an absolutely awful note as I was recovering from a massive drinking binge over the holiday weekend that left me in pieces. But then there was Wednesday night. Wednesday night was when Tottenham guaranteed 4th spot in the Premiership with a pretty damn fantastic win away to the uber-rich uber-shite Manchester City. Love beating on the rich kids.

Also going off the booze for a month. Overdid it the last 2 weekends with the stag and this past weekend. Have felt like crap since. Also back in for my monthly check up on Tuesday which includes liver function tests that I'm not so confident in getting good results in. I need to grow up.

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