Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reunion memories

Mon: 5.45 miles, 38:57
Tue: 6.1 miles, no time
Wed: 6.15 miles, 43:32 (22.18 out, 21:14 back)

Monday ran home from Monkstown. Despite this being one of my least favourite runs it went by extremely quickly and was pretty enjoyable. Tuesday, hit up Ringsend park for a few laps but forgot the watch, while Wednesday did an out and back on Sandymount strand. Legs were a little tired on this run but had physio after which loosened things up quite a bit.
Was looking at my old blog posts from this time last year to see how my mileage compares at present to last year and thankfully there isn't too much difference. Interestingly this week last year saw me trying to emerge from post-reunion alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Having done the '04 reunion bit last year, time to do the '05 bit this year. While I won't make it to PVD, Tarpy is in Ireland this weekend for the Quinn/Jonesy wedding, so 50% of the men's XC '05 teammates will be getting shitty together this weekend. Definitely drinking some Danny Tanner's and Tiger bombs to celebrate.

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