Sunday, May 23, 2010

Race recap/week review

Tues: 8 miles total (2 w/u, 5 mile race, 1 c/d).
17th place in 29:12*

From a running point of view I was pleased with this. The aim was to break 29:30 which I did pretty comfortably. The reason for the asterisk is that the start to this race was a shambles. A field of 2500 were corralled into a one-lane road; there was no announcement regarding when the race would begin; and they started the race 4 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. As a result, I ended up towards the back of the field when the gun went as I was only working my way to the start line at the time (amateur mistake, I should have been in position already). I started the watch when I actually began running and came out with a time of 28:04. That wasn't for a full 8k/5 miles as I was walking prior to this, but estimate that the run was roughly worth a 28:45 which I'm very pleased with for this time of year. It's hard to gauge as there were no splits/mile markers anywhere on the course which was frustrating.
But there were a lot of pluses from this. The effort was controlled, and never really harder than a tempo besides the last 3-4 minutes maybe. Not knowing splits and the fiasco at the start allowed me to relax and just enjoy the run. And the legs felt good both during and after the run. Happy days. Also absolutely love the Katana. What a shoe.

Wed: Day off. Not too sore today, although the physio gave me a good going over that evening.
Thu: Some serious DOMS in the right calf this morning. Did a very easy 5 miles in the morning (37:00).
Fri: 6.1 miles, 41:30. Felt good on this run. Sun was out, legs were fresh, very relaxed and enjoyable.
Sat: Off
Sun: 8.25 miles, 56:03. Ridiculously hot day by Irish standards (80+). Felt good on the run despite a late one last night and the heat. Didn't put sun cream on. Bad mistake, I'm like a scalded cat now. But happy with the legs so far.

Weeks total: 5 runs (high for the year), 32.8 miles (also a high for the year).


Owen said...

Way to get out on them roads weeman!

Tarpy said...

oi da weeman in a road race