Sunday, October 11, 2009


55 mins aqua jogging

Unintentionally got after it early doors, and was going like the clappers so ended up dividing the workout into 2x~14 mins steady, 1 min rest, 2x~7 mins steady with 1 min rest and was about to attempt a few 3 min bouts but 30secs into the first one the calves crapped out on me. Got a good workout in, and while it never compares, was as good a substitute for the 3x3 mile I had on tap as I am going to get. Did a major strectch session after, and while the quad is still tight walking around, there is some noticeable improvement resulting from the time off. Lets hope it continues.

Weeks total:
4 runs, 23.25 miles
3 sessions of aquajogging for 135 mins

Balls to that!

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