Monday, November 24, 2008

Bit of A Bleh Day

Day Off from running

Gym session

Normally I've been going to the gym in the mornings after doing a bit of a run and then running home, but decided to mix it up and see how the body feels doing it on my off day. Should probably do a bit more of a warm up than just 5 mins on the rowing ergometer as the workout felt much more difficult than normal despite being pretty much the same although I jacked up the weights on one or two of the machines, cos lets face it, I'm a goddam beast.

The weather is absolute muck, although compared to whats going on in PVD at the minute I'll refrain from too much complaining.

Generally a quiet day all round. Shout outs to Owen and Jim B on their day of birth. The new skin is to aid DeCoste who couldn't read my blog on his phone in its previous design. Normally I'd take this opportunity to get a good slagging in here, but since he's showing interest in actually reading my verbal garbage I won't complain just yet. Instead I'll just post an incriminating picture


Tarpy said...

nice bathroom. star wars light switch!

Coste said...

'Fuck off, I'm trying to fight gum disease here!'