Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's bloody Baltic!!!!

And by that I mean its cold as tits out here!! With the temperature not above freezing all day, plus a fair bit of moisture in the air meant that it was ridiculously cold here. Wasn't sure whether I was going to run based on my calf but it felt good enough that I thought a short trot on grass would do more good than harm. Initially planned on going for about 20 mins, but after 10 mins of everything feeling good I decided to stretch it out to a half hour. If anything my right soleus felt tighter than the left, and the left was pretty tender afterwards, probably the result of the icing and massage of the last couple of days. A bit concerned about how tight both my soleuseseseses are, and will keep it on the grass for another day or two.

30:30, 4.15 miles (thought I was being a bit antsy going with the 2 decimal places, but since JoKin's done it first, I'm ok with it)

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