Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble Gobble

Yes it's Turkey day in the US of A. I admit I miss the annual celebration of giving thanks for the pilgrim settlers wiping out a whole race of people, but only for the food. Plus it would have been nice to have the day off today. But we can't have it every which way. 

If you've detected a slightly narky tone to the blog thus far you'd be on the mark. Today was gym day, and I have to say I woke up feeling spectacular, and bounced out the door. No heaviness in the legs, feeling good, off on my way. No more from 100 yards from the gym my left soleus (lower calf muscle for the anatomically challenged) seized mid-stride, and it felt like I don't know what, but it hurt like a mofo. Thinking that I just needed to stretch it out I stopped, but when I went to start again I knew it wasn't happening. Because I'm such a man, I went to the gym anyway and did what I could, and then faced walking home. The turkey gods or someone was conspiring against me cos at this stage it was bucketing down. Facing a half hour limp in the rain, or a 10 min gimpy run, I chose the latter. I've iced the calf twice since then, but its still good and seized up. 

I've never had something like this happen mid-run, although I did have a similar cramp affect me in the pool yonks ago in the days of yore when I was fit, which with a bit of massage only resulted in a day or two off. Reflecting on it, its a pretty minor event in the grand scheme of things, and I'm thankful that in the 8-9 weeks I've been back running a bad cramp is the only note of complaint I have thus far. 

So, I'm off to make sure Tottenham seal the deal in Europe. To my American friends, those calories ain't gonna burn themselves!!

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