Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just a quickie (That's what she said)

Herbert Park,
6 miles, 42:31
Avg HR = 155, max = 167
Rec After 1 min = 34

Early post today as I am seriously struggling with work and am using this to procrastinate. Really enjoyed today's run although legs were a wee bit on the heavy side (no fat jokes needed). Was pretty warm (about 50) and humid which after yesterdays coldness felt like it was summer. Think that my experiment to do the gym on my day off will not continue, as I think my legs will need a full days rest a week to keep training.

Irish team for Euro XC was announced today, looks like I just missed out again. Not even a phone call from selectors to justify the decision. Bureaucratic bullshit. Team is strong this year, looking forward to seeing them go and hopefully a top 5 finish (or higher) is on the cards. No Cragg though, otherwise I think a medal would be a serious possibility.

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