Friday, November 28, 2008

Day Off

No run as planned today after yesterdays crampage-fest. Thankfully the calf is much improved today, and I'm able to walk gimp-free although it is still pretty damn tight. Also, my right calf is noticeably tight today too, so am obviously not taking good enough care of my calves. Part of this stems from having read this really good article on stretching in the New York Times (subscription needed - relax its free). While it addresses the warm-up only, I had been doing less post-run stretching based on the article, and had been relying on my new best friend, my foam roller. But given my recent problems, I may disregard the info, not sure yet.

One serious potential roadblock to my calf recovery is the Abu Dhabi reunion night tonight. Gettign hammered is surely not the proper approach, but I've never really been known for turning down a good excuse to get plastered. However, all going well, I'm planning on a short 3-4 mile jog on the grass tomorrow

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