Friday, November 21, 2008

Where's the love?

Okay, so Jokin reckons I'm going to be injured in a matter of minutes (he may not be wrong), and Coste just sees this blog as a blackout accident waiting to happen (he too may not be wrong), but I'm taking positive action here people!! So on that note, today is a day off. After the craziness that was two workouts yesterday, I'm not going to encourage Jokin's wishes, and preserve my fat little legs for another day at least.

Heading home tonight to reunite myself with my proper running shoes (the lack of proper shoes also factored into taking the day off) and do feck all else. Running aside, my fantasy football team is causing me serious grief this week. The fact that I intensely dislike Chelsea is being compounded that they are providing next to zero info on whether Alex is fit to play, I mean come on, give a fantasy manager a break! A further two team members fallen by the wayside in the form of injuries and suspension means some serious transfer activity ahead!

A great weekend of sports ahead, with Ireland in action in the rugby, Spurs on the telly Sunday afternoon, and the usual football load in between means that my commitment levels to Sunday's run are going to be put to the test in the pub Sat afternoon. I'll keep you posted (hopefully in the most non-blackout manner possible)

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