Saturday, November 22, 2008

I love Saturdays

Alcohol factory, 6.6 miles, 49:04 (I'm not giving splits, they're just too embarrassingly slow)
Avg HR = 157, max = 177 (goddam hills)

For not having gone out last night, only getting 7.5 hours sleep seems like a criminal offence. Was up at the ungodly hour for a Saturday morning of half 7, and out the door not long after. Nice little run, takes me by the local alcohol factory that is famous for its Tyrconnell whiskey. In a stereotypically Irish moment, ran past a house whose garden had been invaded by 30 sheep from the neighbouring field that were tearing the flower beds to pieces. The run itself put me in a great mood despite my legs feeling like absolute garbage. My right calf was like a brick (Legs with bricks? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it) but still enjoyed the run. 

On an economic note, went to buy a new pair of Nimbus last night. Now despite being an economics major, I would have thought that the current recession would result in price drops in an attempt to lure customers into spending. Apparently the logic in Dublin is to jack up the prices to compensate for the downturn in business. €140 for a pair of Nimbus?!?!? That's about $175, which is about 50 bucks over their retail price in the States. Internet shopping here I come.

Loving Saturdays for the fill of sport they provide. After getting a haircut (the days of long flowing locks left are gone), I'm heading to Fitzers for the Ireland vs. Argentina rugby, to watch Utd vs. Villa, and have a few well earned pints of the Black Stuff. Peace.

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