Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It Should Have Been Me, Instead I'm Wallowing in Self Pity

It should have been me.. What am I referring to? Only Andrew Ledwith's 3rd place finish at NCAA's. Ok so of course it was never going to be me, but I can't hide my surprise and delight when I saw the result. The reason I make the comparison is that myself and Andrew both came up through the NACAI system in Ireland (of the two running organisations in Ireland before they unified in 2000, the NACAI was like the retarded stepcousin you never really want to admit that you have) before heading down to North Mon in Cork to train under Br. D for a year before heading states side. The similarity is a little uncanny, although of course, I'm better looking. But fair play to Andrew, and I can't wait to see him go now in the Euro XC. NC's was a great day for the Irish in the field (2 in the top 20, plus the 11th place finisher in the womens, although I admit, I haven't the foggiest idea who she is). 

The reason for wallowing in self pity has nothing to do with the NCAAs, more the realisation that I'm fighting a losing battle to get fit. I'm just up from the dinner table, and feeling like I'm about to give birth to a baby calf (is it baby calf, or should it be baby cow?). Having 'misjudged' the quantity of dinner to make, I decided I'd just can whatever I didn't eat. One busted gut later and the plate was empty. Really need to eat less. It's so bad I'm even resorting to scouring the web for things like this.

Believe it or not I did run today though. 6 whole miles. Ran along the Canal which was one of my favourite runs when I first moved to Dublin, but has gradually fallen out of favour for a couple of reasons. One is there are quite a lot of intersections, and between half 7 and 8 traffic is fairly heavy meaning quite a few stoppages. Secondly are the swans. I'm all for swans in the canal, but I don't get their toilet habits. I can understand they don't want to shit in the water, thats like us going twosies in the middle of the living room. But the swans here in Dublin (and I swear its deliberate) shit all over the footpath. I mean the grass either side is spotless. Someone needs to potty train those fuckers. 

6 miles in 42:57 (22:13 out, 20:44 back, which means I ran under 7 minute miles. I rock).
Avg HR = 156, max = 165
HR Rec after 1 min = 39. Good day today.

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Tarpy said...

andrews run was impressive. the auburn girl in 11th grew up in england i think and just declared for ireland recently.

i watched on the telly, it was pretty crazy at good old terre haute