Friday, March 20, 2009

60 years of history....

Wednesday I went to the gym for a planned 1hr bike ride, which turned into 30 mins plus 20 on the cross trainer. The legs were absolutely knackered so took yesterday off, in the hope that the shin would be fine as a result.

Problem was woke up this morning with what seems to be a developing chest cold/cough. Decided to try to run to help raise the body temp and sweat it out. Was somewhat successful in that I felt better post run than pre. However, the shin was still tight, and the run felt bloody awful. Ran for 41mins, in which I probably ran no more than 5.5 miles. Not the right weekend to be sick, as Ireland have the chance to win the Six nations tomorrow for the first time since its inception; having not won the prior 5 nations since 1984, and a win will see them do the first grand slam in 61 years. The country will go bananas if it happens/drown their sorrows if they dont. I just want to be fit enough to be part of it!
Some good news for the day was getting 4 tickets to U2 for July 24th. Cannot wait.

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