Sunday, March 15, 2009

Never learn

Day off

Had planned on getting a decent length run in today, but went and made an absolute shit show of myself at the brothers engagement party last night and didnt get up till 3pm today. And once up, there wasn't a chance of me running. Picture classic drunk wee man, and the classic drunken mistakes he made previously, and this was last night (thankfully no email writing). Only good thing about today was the 2-1 win for Spurs up at the villa. While it means we did the arsenal scum a favour, it means Spurs should go on for a top half finish this season. While I wouldnt have been happy with that at the start of the season, given where we were 8 games in, I'd have ripped your hand off for it then.


JoKin said...

does this mean you got naked, ate box or kicked off mirrors?

weeman said...

none of the above. although i would gladly trade.