Monday, March 16, 2009

Very cool run

9.2 miles, 65:35 (33:00 out)

Went exploring along the paths I saw last week out by the east wall and  came across 2 gems. First was the Irishtown Nature park, which although small, seems to offer some decent off road trails for a 6 mile run etc. However, I continued on exploring beyond the end of the park to see what was on offer and came to the great south wall. While there's nothing necessarily great about it, its just a bloody long pier out into the ocean. Got to the base of it and needed about a minute and a half for an 8 miler which was my plan. Figuring hitting the lighthouse would do it, the curve, and length, of the pier were kind of hidden from view, and nearly 10 mins later, I hit the lighthouse. However, it was definitely worth it for the views. Will bring a camera next time, cos it was very cool running over a mile out to sea with nothing but water around you, plus some great scenery all around. Legs felt good, and totally enjoyed the run. Meeting Jonny Az in Dublin tonight for a few drinks as he tells me the US's plans for world domination. Should be good!

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Tarpy said...

that sounds like a sick run. maybe next time i make it to your island we'll do it.