Friday, March 13, 2009


Started off today volunteering for a study in physiology, which required me to perform isometric squats, and holding the position for as long as possible under a variety of conditions. Needless to say my quads were fucked by the end of it. Hit the gym to try and clear the lactate from the legs with 45mins on the cross trainer plus some upperbody weights and core.

Fri evening I went to see the 'bone man'. This guy keeps it short and sweet, I was out of there in literally 5 mins, but he seems to be effective. Its a little hard to describe what he did. Basically he started to rub the same spot on both hips but the left hip hurt like a bitch and the right one didnt, even though I havent had any problems. After a minute or so of pretty good pain there was a pop and all of a sudden the left hip didnt hurt when he rubbed it anymore. Its been a bit tender since, but whether its just a placebo effect or not I've felt freer in my movements since. Probably all rubbish though.

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