Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Right is Wrong

4.8 miles, 32:37
no HR data

Just got a brief run in as I was short on time before meeting Jonny in town. Fantastic run, felt very easy, the weather was spectacular for running, and just all round enjoyable. Felt better than expected as last night was a late one, although not too much to drink. Having a slight issue with my right shin which makes zero sense as it's always my left leg that has the problems. Had one stress fracture in the lower right tibia at the very start of sophomore year, but that was due to running in kayano's with a busted gel unit. This time, I think its just stemming from tightness in the calf, so need to manage it properly, and will do a couple of gym days to take the stress off of it.

Dublin on St. Patricks day was a bit of a nightmare. Too many people, dressed absolutely ridiculously, and absurdly drunk at 4pm in the afternoon. I know that sounds hypocritical coming from me, but I was honestly embarrassed walking around town with Jonny at what I was seeing. The day took an upturn as we hit the Guinness brewery for that indescribably good pint atop the Gravity bar with picture perfect views of Dublin. St. Patricks day spent at the home of Guinness on its 250th anniversary. Not too shabby.

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