Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another good man gone

~20 miles, 134:06 total running.

Did the long run today as with the wedding this evening I didn't fancy doing it tomorrow. The first half hour of this run was very pedestrian as we were jogging back and forth to the house picking up different crew members taking part in the run, including in no particular order, Churchnuts, O-face, Bren-bren, Kim and Tarpy. After the half hour or so, one member of the group who shall remain nameless (I'll give you a clue, the only blonde/female/Olympian in the group) decided to make the pace a little more honest. From here on out, the run was a straight out and back, with the out portion into a fairly strong headwind. The run was good, and was glad to have Tarpy for company the whole way, otherwise this would have been a bit of a struggle. Finished up the run with a dip in the Atlantic.
The evening was spent commiserating the loss of another good man from the gang. In all seriousness, the wedding was pretty spectacular, and a truly enjoyable night's craic. Congrats to Easy and Danielle

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Coste said...

sweet, my "confused" face escaped this round of pictures.