Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long 'Un/Week In Review

22.65 miles, 152:11

Days like this make me glad I ever took up running. It was absolutely gorgeous out. Temps about 65-70, slight breeze coming in off the sea, pure blue skies. Pure class. The run was great, used some different gels today but no problems, taste slightly better than the ones I had been using, so not really fussed which I'll go with on the day. Had no problems with the time on my feet, some heaviness in the legs about 90mins in but the stretch of road from 15.5 to 16.5 is a pretty much dirt road and the change in surface led to a nice response from the legs. Clocked the last 3 miles in 19:30 and felt strong finishing. Happy days.

For the week: 6 runs: 68.85 miles
That's the biggest week yet, and is the biggest week of the training schedule. Long runs from now on will only be 18-20 in length, but very happy with how the legs feel after this week. One more hard week in this cycle, before a down week in the build up to the half marathon.

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JoKin said...

that's damn far. nice one.